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As an professional import and export agent,we can offer the import services,such as sign the contract with the exporter,remit the payment for goods, apply for the automatic import license and other relevant certificates,book shipping space,customs clearance, international transportatin,and other related services.To be short, you can enjoy "all-in-one service"in Channel Ark.We will try our best to do any part of these services according to your needs.

We can assure you that:

1.The L/C will be issued or the payment for goods will be remitted immediately as we get your deposit(for L/C)or remittance(if the term of payment is T/T);

2.The customs clearance will be finished within 2 working days when the full set of documents are all ready.

For your reference,the main Importing process is as follow:

1.sign the import agency agreement with Channel Ark according to the proforma invoice and quotation.

2.Please offer us the contact information of Foreign company,we will sign the purchase order with them.

3.Please pay the payment(such as payment for goods,bank charges, agency fee)to Channel Ark,about the details,you can refer to the "payment notification 2"; If the term of payment is T/T,the payment for goods for exporter is first,if it's cash on delivery,then the payment should be arranged after the delivery. If the terms of payment is L/C, We will issue the L/C immediately as we get the deposit from your party.

4.If it is FOB term,Channel Ark can assist in informing the local agent to take delivery,book shipping space,effect the insurance for the cargo,and then shipping it to the destination port. If it is CIF,Channel Ark will expedite the contract delivery and ask for the B/L in time.

5.To prepare the full set of documentation and to arrange for customs clearances on the arrival of the goods.

6.Please pay the related taxes to Channel Ark,and at the same time,plz pay the incidentals for customs clearance in advance.About the details,you can refer to the "payment notification 2".

7.When the Customs release the goods,Channel Ark will arrange the delivery.

8.Channel Ark will make out a bill, The balances will be paid to either side as the case may be,after the settlement,Channel Ark will offer you the related invoice or receipt.


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