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As Channel Ark has close paterships with all kinds of logistic companys, We can provide the most reasonable quotation,current shipping time and flight as your request.Besides,we can offer our customs the secure and effective domestic transportation.

1.Transportation by sea

We provide transportation services for bulk cargo,full container loads,consolidation cargo loads,buyer consolidation service, global cold chain transportation,full range of inland transport services and hazardous goods.

2.Air transportation

We offer air freight forwarding services for the goods of all sizes,ranging from samples to bulk cargoes,Besides,we have services for forwarding the fresh and live goods,for full range of inland transportation,and express as well. In addition, we provide services for labeling,repacking,Bonded,non-bonded warehousing and warehouse management. As an indispensable part of import and export trade, transportation plays a significant role.Channel Ark is not only an import and export company,but also a professional international logistic agent.we can guarantee you a secure,timely,effective carriage,and will protect our customs' rights and interests from the late deliveries,trade losses and trade disputes.

Secure, expeditious, superior international transportation service are our Guarantee.


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